‘Project Gunwalker’ protest can help kill ATF’s long gun reporting proposal – National gun rights | Examiner.com

‘Project Gunwalker’ protest can help kill ATF’s long gun reporting proposal – National gun rights | Examiner.com.

“The White House says tracking the bulk sale of high-powered rifles from border states gunshops …is not an emergency, and has rejected a request from the U.S. agency that monitors weapons sales to do so without public review.” the Associated Press reports.

Instead the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives’ proposed requirement…will undergo a standard, three-month review period, opening it to public comment.

The emergency proposal was discussed in this column in mid-December, which characterized the move as “an agenda-driven power grab” and encouraged readers to submit comments objecting to it.  A follow-up cited prominent Second Amendment attorney and author David Hardy’s assessment that the proposal would be illegal, citing “several violations of the Gun Control Act, as amended by the Firearm Owners’ Protection Act.”

Several members of the United States Senate agree, calling the proposed measure “a ‘solution’ looking for a problem,” and putting Acting ATF Director Kenneth Melson and Office of Management and Budget Director Jacob Lew on notice that “ATF does not have the authority to collect this data.”

One other technicality that has not been widely explored (although discussed in this column):  One of ATF’s criteria, that affected firearms have “a caliber greater than .22,” would, without further definition, include .22s, which actually are larger than that.

GunLeaders.com now reports that  OMB has classified the emergency request as inactive, reflecting that it now must go through the normal review and comment period.  Unfortunately, that clock has been ticking, and NRA-ILA emphasizes the urgent need for concerned gun owners to act now:

Unfortunately, there are only a few days left to comment on this proposal.  Comments will be accepted until Monday, February 14. Every concerned gun owner’s voice should be heard on this critically important issue…

Please send your comments today.  Be sure to refer to the December 17, 2010 “Notice of Information Collection Under Review: Report of Multiple Sale or Other Disposition of Certain Rifles.”  You can submit your comments to:

Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs
Attention: Department of Justice Desk Officer
Washington, DC 20503

Please send a copy of your comments to:

Barbara A. Terrell
Firearms Industry Programs Branch
Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives
99 New York Avenue, N.E.
Washington, DC  20226.

Fax: (202) 648–9640

And the “Project Gunwalker” tie-in?

AP once more adopts its traditional role of amplifying citizen disarmament lobby talking points to gin up public sentiment to support the new registration scheme, such as smugglers hiding up to 100 “assault rifles” in car bumpers,  and  describing .50 caliber rifles as being “capable of shooting down airplanes”–as opposed to just reporting the facts.  And once more Mr. Hardy skewers the anti-gun rationale.

And while the AP report acknowledges cooperation between gun store owners and the ATF on straw purchases from border region gun shops, and even references the recent indictments in Phoenix, it avoids any mention of “Project Gunwalker” allegations, Senator Grassley’s letter to Attorney General Holder, the established fact that “monitored’ weapons were recovered at the Border Patrol Agent Terry death scene…

Mike Vanderboegh at Sipsey Street Irregulars notes the avoidance and silence of all the major media on this new development, which by any objective standard should be not just considered newsworthy, but a bombshell.  It’s fair to speculate, particularly based on the track record of the press and their reporting to date, that this does not fit a narrative they wish to tell. Vanderboegh also notes a claim by ATF agent Vince Cefalu that “ATF DIDN’T make every effort to ‘interdict’ these guns or they WOULD HAVE been interdicted,” again a subject the ”Authorized Journalists” seem loath to tackle.

It’s clear by now that informing the public on the implications of “Project Gunwalker” is not (yet) a media priority.  That’s why it’s up to those who have been following this story to continue calling attention to it, and here’s another way to do that:

Send in your comment today. Ask why ATF should be given any more power and authority until allegations they abused and mishandled existingauthority in the “Project Gunwalker” scandal have been fully investigated with testimony taken under oath.

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