Top 10 List on Top ten most common causes of Accidental Death

According to this proof source Firearm related deaths don’t even make the Top 5 for most common causes of death.

You would never KNOW this if you listened to the “LAME STREAM” Media and folks like Mayor Bloomberg, Diane Feinstein, Barbara Boxer and other Lame Brained ANTI-GUN, Ill -informed politicians.

10. Machinery
Deaths per year: 350

9. Medical & Surgical Complications and Misadventures
Deaths per year: 500

8. Poisoning by gases
Deaths per year: 700

7. Firearms
Deaths per year: 1,500

6. Suffocation
Deaths per year: 3,300

5. Fires and burns
Deaths per year: 3,700

4. Drowning
Deaths per year: 4,000

3. Poisoning by solids and liquids
Deaths per year: 8,600

2. Falls
Deaths per year: 14,900

1. Motor vehicle crashes
Deaths per year: 43,200

According to

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