WELCOME to All Supporters of the 2nd Amendment, Shooting and Firearms Enthusiasts!

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  1. MAJ B says:

    Super website – thanks for keeping me in the loop. My best to the kid and I look forward to match results.

  2. Mel says:

    Hello, Looks like you have a great website going here….Keep up the good work !!
    I am a fellow veteran, and appreciate the passion…..good job.

  3. Don says:

    Winston, I am truly inspired when I red posts from your site, I can appreciate and understand your dedication to your passion here.

    BTW, can you add some Social Media Icons to the site , so I can like your page or retweet your posts? If you have any challenges with that, let me know, I’ll do it for you…pro bono, of course.

  4. Kim Pickerill says:

    Thank you for your interest in our Second Amendment Rights. Keep up the fine work you’re doing here, you have my devoted support! SEMPER PARATUS

  5. Thanks for stopping by and for your comments Kim! I hope you subscribe to the blog and are a continued contributor. All the Best! Winston

  6. TJ says:

    Truly believe in your efforts to educate and protect the 2nd Amendment. As a California resident, I am absolutely astonished with the Governments attack on our rights.

    • Thanks for stopping by TJ! You are at Ground Zero there in California. I hope you too will get to the point I did: “If not you….who? If not now….when?” I look forward to your contributions. Anything you hear, find or see as it relates to the battle… please join the fray! Thanks for your comments. -W

  7. CA says:

    How do we recall gun control nut Assemblyman Portantino? This guy is jumping on our constitutional right to bear arms with both feet. (AB144 for example) GET HIM OUT OF HERE!

  8. Freedom, by the way says:

    Just added you to my Links to Freedom blog roll.

  9. Gracie says:

    I love your blog! you should really get a twitter account so we can banter back and forth. Lol.

  10. Grizz says:

    Great blog buddy! Keep up the good work.

  11. TG says:

    Nice blog and noble sentiments. Added you to my blogroll. Keep preachin’ it, brutha!

    Semper Fi,

  12. jthill94 says:

    Great blog! Was just looking through the wordpress political blog newsfeed and found y’all! I support the 2nd amendment and I’m proud of it! Will be posting a 2nd amendment post soon on my blog. jthmishmash.com

  13. Nice blog. I look forward to visiting often.

    Semper Fidelis.

  14. Van Smith says:

    It seems to me that the 2nd amendment says ‘congress shall NOT infringe.’ It seems to me to be one of the ‘Bill of Rights.’ It is NOT a privilege the government may or may not give. It seems to me the Patriots (revolutionaries) are now in the process of supressing the counter-revolutionaries by trying to regulate access for the counter-revolutionaries. It seems to me that Justice is political.
    Since Justice is political then Crime is political. The right to bear arms means the right to oppose an unjust government NOT to protect oneself and family. It was to maintain a free society free of an oppressive government.

  15. Matthew says:

    Please help me stop the UN Gun Control Treaty. Sign the petition at http://wh.gov/XiGU . Thank you for keeping our gun rights safe and America strong.
    Thank you for your time,

  16. taarealitycheck says:

    Just found the blog. Will be stopping by, perhaps to help some how.
    Best wishes.

  17. taarealitycheck says:


    The one link above is expired. Please do the one I just posted. We have 25 days left, and we’re at about 7300 now. Pass the link on. I don’t think a petition is going to help much, but it IS as much our right as the second amendment – use your rights, or lose them folks.


  18. I love This Blog! Awesome Job! Check out this video on Why YOU should Oppose Gun Control!

    • fish says:

      For your Consideration

      As an LEO when confronted with a gang of thugs terrorizing an area, I have used this simple and effective strategy.

      1. Identify the Boss
      2. Make the Boss understand that unless he makes the thugs stop terrorizing the area, I will make his life miserable.
      3. It is called the “Slap & Pickle”

      In regards to the 2nd Amendment and Gun Control
      1. Boss: Banks and Wall street
      2. Thugs: Obama and anti-gun politicians
      3. “Slap & Pickle”: I will stop paying the mortgage on my house and business until Obama and anti-gun politicians restore my 2nd Amendment rights and stop trying to take them.

      Pros to Strategy:
      Money talks, it’s all about the money, it must flow
      Available to anyone regardless of age or physical condition
      Confrontation with authority averted at this point
      Re-election war chests negatively impacted

      Cons to Strategy:
      Credit rating lowered
      Look for a house to rent

      Respectfully submitted,
      P.O. I. FISH

  19. Thanks Joseph this is an awesome video. Appreciate your kind words and support. God Bless!

  20. John Sutherland says:

    From western NC>
    The strongest reason for people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government. -Thomas Jefferson

    Firearms stand next in importance to the Constitution itself. They are the American people’s liberty teeth and keystone under independence … From the hour the Pilgrims landed, to the present day, events, occurrences, and tendencies prove that to insure peace, security and happiness, the rifle and pistol are equally indispensable . . . the very atmosphere of firearms everywhere restrains evil interference – they deserve a place of honor with all that is good. -George Washington

    The Constitution shall never be construed….to prevent the people of the United States who are peaceable citizens from keeping their own arms. -Samuel Adams

    John Sutherland

  21. jcscuba says:

    God Bless you sir, What a beautiful tribute and site. Thanks for stopping by mine. Her’s another on guns for you. But of course, Holder was to busy trying to get as many guns as possible to sell to the Mexican drug cartels.


  22. Mr W says:

    The seconed amendment says in order for the people to form a militia , why would the people want to form a militia and if the people formed a milita who would they be fighting and what types of weapons would the other militia have that they would be fighting ? Would the be musket guns or guns that only held four bullets, and it seems to me that the seconed admeent was put in order for America to always be the land of the free and government is trying to take that away

  23. Robert Marie says:

    Love your blog. If anyone here wants to witness governmental tyranny Please view this. http://www.classvictim.wordpress.com

  24. Some of you might enjoy a story I have written that is dedicated to “My friends who know that the Second Amendment is part of the Bill of Rights.” http://www.amazon.com/Nothing-But-A-Gun-ebook/dp/B00B8C1Z9O/ref=sr_1_2?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1359675174&sr=1-2&keywords=Nothing+But+A+Gun

  25. I’m glad I found this site. I will be directing many of my clients here.

  26. Marty says:

    Let’s turn the anti Second Amendment argument back on the liberal media and ask them why they need the First Amendment.

  27. Jeff says:


    My name is Jeff. I’m a Casting Director at Firecracker Films, a television production company in California. We are currently producing a new show that we think will be of great interest to your members/readers and I was wondering if you’d be willing to help us spread the word or maybe even might be interested yourself or know somebody who may be interested. Basically, we are looking for Americans from across the country whose strong belief in the constitution sometimes requires them to live interesting lives.

    This is the national casting call for the project. Feel free to post it or email anywhere you want. If you have any questions, or ideas on how best to find people to feature, I would love to talk to you. We plan on being as discrete, respectful and sensitive to privacy concerns as possible at this early stage. But we’re looking for some great and true Americans with passionate beliefs and interesting ways of life that could help us show a different way of life that is often underrepresented or skewed by the media.



    Santa Monica-based Firecracker Films is casting an important new documentary series for a major cable channel that will chronicle the lives of people who love America as its Founders intended and live like it.

    Do you or a family member belong to a militia? Believe strongly in the second amendment and/or your right to self-preservation? Live in interesting or unique circumstances because of those beliefs? We want to talk to you about your way of life.

    If you are interested, think you might be a fit or have any questions, please contact us by emailing bornfreedoc@gmail.com as soon as possible. And if you know someone who fits the above description, please pass this message on to them.

    There will be compensation for those stories that are selected to be filmed for the pilot. All information shared will be kept confidential.

    Thanks in advance for any help you may be able to provide!

    Casting Director
    Firecracker Films
    Santa Monica, CA

    • Reis Kash says:

      Jeff – Not to sound paranoid, but your solicitation could be used by fed provocateurs seining for really strong 2d Amendment supporters. I know this because I am a retired fed law enforcement officer who has infiltrated subversive activities. My own experiences in 37 years law enforcement convince me (1) government has become infinitely corrupt, and (2) only an armed citizenry stands between us and a government which hates our institutions, mores, traditions, and laws. So – if you are a provocateur – here’s your answer. If not, then I respect your interest in portraying legally armed citizens in a truthful, even friendly, light.

      • Diamondback says:


        Any “really strong 2d Amendment supporters” are probably already known by the federal and local Brown Shirts.

        The Revolution is already underway. I really don’t worry about the enemies’ concerns.

        Just my 2 cents.

  28. Dale Brady says:

    Make a mental evaluation parts of a gun background checks on handgun purchase and for a concealed carry permit.

  29. Reis Kash says:

    The reference to a militia in the 2d Amendment has an historical basis: the grand-parents and great-grand parents of the American patriots who fought for and wrote the Constitution had been militia members who had battled King Charles I (who had tried to limit parliament and the militia system), and King James II who was forced to abdicate for the same behaviors. Charles, you will recall, was beheaded. Our Colonial ancestors equated liberty with the ability to resist tyranny through an armed citizenry – hence the reference to a militia. Insane gun grabbers have tried to insist only members of the army or the national guard or a formal militia may keep and bear arms, but that – like most of their statements are lies.

  30. Mark Alderson says:

    According to New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, the recent terror bombings in Boston require a new interpretation of the Constitution to give the government greater power to protect citizens.
    The government is not enforcing the laws they already have. They are not taking the guns away from the bad guys now, even though they know who they are. They have records on every one of them, if they didn’t they would pass a background check anyway. This is from an objective analysis of the data. Obama says it is just common sense to destroy the second amendment “common sense”—-COMMON BUT WRONG!!!!

    • Reis R. Kash says:

      Obama is not interested in gun control which logically would consist of controlling guns in the hands of criminals. He is interested in two things: control of firearms in the hands of free citizens and control of free citizens. Obama is a racist fascist and a threat to all American citizens. I sincerely believe he is a Muslim (he has said so many times himself) and that he intends the destruction of the United States as a Constitutional Republic.

  31. ytz4mee says:

    I am sorry for your loss.
    God Bless,

  32. eric tormis says:

    Gun control infringes on a person’s constitutional right to keep and bear arms enshrined in the 2nd Amendment. The provision is unambiguous: “A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” I agree with Justice Scalia in DC v. Heller: “The right of the whole people, old and young, men, women and boys, and not militia only, to keep and bear arms of every description, not such merely as are used by the militia, shall not be infringed, curtailed, or broken in upon, in the smallest degree; and all this for the important end to be attained: the rearing up and qualifying a well-regulated militia, so vitally necessary to the security of a free State.” The right to keep and bear arms is an individual not a collective right. To my recollection, when martial law was declared in the Philippines, one of the first executive orders issued by the dictator Pres. Marcos was to ban all weapons and firearms and the imposition of death penalty for illegal possession of firearms by the citizenry.

  33. James Brady says:

    We all know the 2nd amendment and what its says and means. arguing the “semantics ” of it is just (il)legal 3 card Monte. We as gun owners have been on the defensive for to long. They cannot take what we will not give. It is time to get back that what has been Unconstitutionally stolen from us. section 1 of the 14th amendment clearly defines that states cannot make or enforce any law that that abridges the privileges or immunities of the citizens of the United States of America. “The right to to keep and bear arms SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED”. This is an immunity of the people to keep the government from disarming US, their bosses. Working to have state gun laws overturned as Unconstitutional as prescribed in ART 1 of the 14th Amendment should be the focus, not “keeping what we have”. Any public servant that has taken an oath to uphold the constitution and cannot or will not do so by limiting the or removing the “unalienable rights” of this great country need to step down or be removed (legally) as an oath breaker.

    And yes, I am aware of the Irony of my name.

  34. Brandon says:

    May God be with Dub and your entire family! God bless our great nation and the freedoms we’ve enjoyed for so many years.

  35. Jacob says:

    Great BLOG!!! Semper Fi Marine! I am a Veteran of the US Army and understand your heartfelt situations. God Bless DUB and your entire surroundings of life! Family forever brother and we will meet one day up above. A BIG HOOAH to you.

  36. Jacob says:

    I also have a site that is for our 2ND Rights. I am starting my own business for AR15 and AR10 80% Lowers. Please share this mission to as many as you can brother. Help this Vet out in this mission. God Bless! AND GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!

  37. Church says:

    They understand “shall not be infringed”, it’s just they don’t care.

  38. Dave Howse says:

    First time of ever done this, but I felt the need to. Bought a Mossberg 12 gauge a short time ago. 1st time I ever excersized my 2nd amendment right. It felt great walking out of Academy Sports and Outdoors with it. And i sleep better at night knowing its ready to go when i need it. I fully support the 2nd amendment!

    • Congrats Dave!! Thanks for sharing your testimony and more importantly for exercising your 2nd Amendment rights!! Next step is take someone who doesn’t shoot or know much about guns shooting and share with them the experience in a safe manner and do that several times and we will never loose our rights!

      • Dave Howse says:

        Thanks for the chance to blog about something i feel so strongly about. I ve already started to talk to my son about it and when he is of age morally and mentaly, I’ll get him his first gun. In so far as I believe, these 3 rules should always be followed: 1. Always treat a weapon as if it’s loaded. 2. Never handle a weapon if you have been drinking. 3. Never handle a weapon if you’re angry. These were taught to me growing up, when i was in the army, and i adhere to them to this day. It just seems simple to me, I guess. Thanks for this site!!

  39. Joey says:


    First of all thank you for your service time and defending this great country. I, for one, don’t feel there is enough appreciation given to those who served in the military. It takes a great deal of courage to do what you did.

    Second, I love the blog and find it as a great resource for 2nd Amendment advocation as well as just general firearms information. You provide a positive presence on the internet for pro gun owners and I just want to say keep up the excellent work.

    I will be adding you to my resources page on my website to provide my readers with a great website to check out!

  40. Dave Howse says:

    I have a question for anyone who can answer. Please forgive my lack of knowlege in this area but does anyone know of any plans that the state of Oklahoma may have towards trying to either, 1. sieze any and all firearms from the general public, or 2. generating tighter regulations and restrictions concerning the purchase of firearms? I hear rumors of this kind of thing happening elsewhere. I cant speak as to the validity of what I hear( probably just scuttlebutt, dont know) but Im nevertheless concerned.

  41. steven says:

    I just started a petition to deport Piers Morgan on the White House petitions site, We the People. Will you sign it? http://wh.gov/lRQRk

  42. Matt says:

    Great site. First time here and always glad to find friends of the 2nd amendment. Here in California we have a constant fight on our hands, but lately it seems our entire county has quickly growing pockets of law makers looking to destroy the Constitution and take our guns.

  43. shootersplus says:

    Hey Winston, just found your blog and I really enjoyed reading some of the articles. Will subscribe and read more when I have time. Thanks for your service also. I own gun store in Mississippi and was hoping you might could add us to your firearm parts & manufacture links. Our store is Shooters Plus and the website is http://www.shootersplus.com Thanks and keep up the great work.

  44. don weber says:

    Lots of talk about “not being infringed” at all, but ignoring the context for a necessary “militia”. And a “regulated” one.

    A homeowner with a 14 round magazine is no militia member, and even if so, should be subject to some regulation for the public safety, see Sandy Hook.

    • Thanks for Stopping by my blog, but clearly you just don’t get it!
      The “Founders” saw the “Militia” differently than how you are describing it. We aren’t describing the National Guard here……they would be part of the Government.
      The best regulation for Public safety would be to NOT legislate GUN FREE zones like schools.
      In case you haven’t looked lately there are plenty of regulations & restrictions on firearms and guns already NONE of which would have prevented Sandy Hook.
      “A Militia are in fact the people themselves and include all men capable of bearing arms”……not going to list the Founder who made that statement because maybe you need to go back and do the research yourself.
      Ohh and by the way very FEW guns/pistols have a 14 round magazine they either have a 13 or 15 round magazine so you are “clueless” in several areas and obviously not familiar with firearms, but thanks for stopping by anyway!

  45. Larry says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I was wondering if this organization might consider helping a retired senior citizen, pro bono, advance his case, to change Massachusetts’ clearly unconstitutional firearms licensing laws? The case is now set to enter the appeals court in Boston.

    I am not currently represented by an attorney. I had a pro bono attorney through the superior court level. We lost in superior court and I filed a notice of appeal. The issue is the may issue licensing system in Massachusetts.

    As you may know, an applicant for a license to carry firearms in Massachusetts must first be qualified by statute (categorical regulation). No problem here. However, in Massachusetts there then follows a second step. Each individual applicant must be a “suitable person” according to the beliefs and prejudices of his or her police chief. This means a possible 351 different licensing requirements. It’s actually worse then this because each town’s requirements can and do change with a change in police chief.

    That’s what happened in my case. When our police chief retired a new police chief was hired and he refused to renew my license.

    If you are unable to assist me do you know of anyone or organization I could contact who might help me?
    If you are unable to assist me as the lead attorney would you assist me as part of a team?
    Thank you,

    Larry Brown


  46. idfholsters says:

    Thank you two fold., Thank you for your service and defending our country. And again thank you for continuing to defend our 2nd amendment rights. Love the blog and adding it to our blogroll.
    Keep up the great work!

  47. C. Donald Stevenson says:

    Today’s concern regarding the Second Amendment, that has armed the American public. The proposition should not be for America’s public to be capable to override American tyranny and America’s standing army. Should there become an American military danger to the American people, there will not be one man armed against one armed American soldier. Such a proposition will be America’s standing army against the armed American citizens. In this 21st century, no number of armed American citizens stands a chance of putting down the American standing army equiped today’s American military might.

    • Don,
      Don’t forget that it’s not so much as the military as it is the militarization of the police that’s also a threat. Bottom line when Anarchy hits they too will be effected and have families & loved ones that need protection too & that’s when the system implodes.
      Many American citizens have served in the military & many know how to drive tanks & fly planes & helos too…. Just sayin. I think your perspective may be a little too focused. You don’t have to own the hardware to form a militia or standing army, you have to acquire it.
      Look at the Middle East with ISIS, where do you think they got a lot of their heavy armament from?

  48. William Cosgrove says:

    I see so many different pro 2nd right groups I would like to see all become 1 and we would be more organized and influential what are your thoughts. I live in California and am a disabled Navy vet. I fully believe in not only our 2nd ammendment rights but every single one our govt President no one has the right or legal power to tamper with it at at all. To me what is going on is tantamount to treason.

  49. Jean says:

    I’m interested in being educated so please be respectful. I understand hunting and I understand small arms for self-defense but I’m having trouble getting my head around average citizens legally possessing assault rifles and high-capacity magazines.

    • Jean,
      Thanks for stopping by my blog. First off watch the film on this page towards the top. That’s a great start. You also need to understand American History when our country was founded & started. The Colonists were living under a Tyrannical & Oppressive King….thus the Revolutionary War which was a “Key Factor” in the origins of the 2nd Amendment. Despite all the technological advances with computers, internet and cell phones there have BEEN NO Infringements or Restrictions on our “Right to Free Speech” or the 1st Amendment. However with the 2nd Amendment there have been many “infringements” to include all types from magazine bans, background checks, etc. Few of which have really had an impact on crime as most criminals don’t follow the laws anyway.

      Below are some comments from our Founding Fathers:

      “A free people ought not only to be armed, but disciplined…”
      – George Washington, First Annual Address, to both House of Congress, January 8, 1790

      “No free man shall ever be debarred the use of arms.”
      – Thomas Jefferson, Virginia Constitution, Draft 1, 1776

      “I prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery.”
      – Thomas Jefferson, letter to James Madison, January 30, 1787

      “What country can preserve its liberties if their rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance. Let them take arms.”
      – Thomas Jefferson, letter to James Madison, December 20, 1787

      The 2nd Amendment is a “Firewall” against Tyrannical Government!!! The guns that were allowed were to be used to “Fight an over-Abusive or Tyrannical Government” there was no mention of hunting!!
      The founders knew that most Governments throughout the course of history have not done right by their people!! You have to know history!!

      “Their swords, and every other terrible implement of the soldier, are the birthright of an American. … [T]he unlimited power of the sword is not in the hands of either the federal or state governments, but, where I trust in God it will ever remain, in the hands of the people.”
      – Tenche Coxe, Delegate for Pennsylvania to the Continental Congress, The Pennsylvania Gazette, Feb. 20, 1788.

      Read more at http://freedomoutpost.com/2014/02/will-disarmed-people-militia/#z96LGjKv6HiYaV8F.99

      The Founders knew that any & all Militia’s would come from “The People” and Colonial Militias were formed from adult males and they brought their own firearms! At the time the Musket was the firearm of choice at the 2ndAmendments time of inception. Today the M4 or AR15 is the rifle of choice. It is the “Modern Day Musket”. If you look at any & all Gun Control throughout the course of history it has never worked out as planned or theorized and has always been followed by Genocide and Democide.

      More people have been killed throughout the course of history by “Democide” following Gun Control.

      Democide is a term revived and redefined by the political scientist R. J. Rummel (1932–2014) as “the murder of any person or people by their government, including genocide, politicide and mass murder”.


      That’s a start!

    • Brady Morris says:

      Well here is some education coming your way. There is no such thing as an assault rifle, assault is a descriptive word meaning to do harm, our government labeled them assault rifles because when you hear assault you immediately think the worst. I promise you that you can leave your rifle home alone all day with the highest capacity magazine and it won’t assault a single person. Now irresponsible gun owners are a whole different category because yes being stored unsafely in the wrong hands that rifle could be used to assault somebody, but with a responsible gun owner that firearm would be stored properly and therefore not misused by another. As to why we should need high capacity magazines, guess what our 2nd amendment was designed to protect us from a government of tyranny and when they come they won’t come by the handful, it will be by the platoon or regimen and when that comes do you want to be stuck reloading your black powder muzzle loaded because they won’t give you a time out and wait. Study and understand democide and put nothing past your government.

  50. Brady Morris says:

    I would like to wish you the best on your long, hard, journey ahead. Also may God bless you, your family, all true American patriots, and every man and woman that served our beautiful country and continue to fight for our rights. It’s a shame what the politicians in office have continued to do to our great nation under the disguise of justice and safety. When will they realize that it’s not the government that was designed to protect us but it was us who were given the power to protect ourselves, government, and country. Tyranny runs so deep through all aspects of government that without we the people abolishing them and starting over, I believe we will never be truly free. May God bless this once great nation and help us rise again.

  51. Jes says:

    In the United States of America, it is a constutitonal right to own guns. It does not matter if you own the gun only for protection, or if it is soley for recreation. Gun control is always a hot topic of debate in the United States. The reason for wanting to ban guns is simply to counter gun violence. Many more people die each year from car accidents than from guns. Should the USA ban cars as well? As far as gun ownership vs. gun violence numbers go, the USA has a very large number of privately owned guns, compared to very average or even below average gun violence totals.

  52. Jon says:

    I’ve started a petition to help save the constitution!!! Please sign and share! We need to do something to protect our rights! You can’t deny they are being infringed upon…. I don’t agree with the violence, this is one of the ways I believe we can start to make a difference! STAND UNITED AMERICA!!!


  53. I’ve always been a supporter and the 2A but it’s only recently that I’ve actually started to speak out in support regardless of what others are saying. Simply because over the past few years since Sandy Hook happened in my state I see the 2A getting blamed for the politicians not doing their jobs keeping criminals in jail, especially violent career criminals.
    Instead they blame the second and imposing more gun control laws on law abiding citizens which isn’t helping one bit. So as long as you keep educating and spreading the word I will do what little I can.

    Thanks and keep up the good work.

  54. IB says:

    I absoultely love your site!

    I’ve always been a 2nd amendment advocate since I was a little kid. I would go with my best friend and his family to the range. They’ll have from 9mm – 223/556. I would have a blast. It helped me mature as a youngster since guns obviously wasn’t a joke either. Gun safety is extremely important. The younger the better. Once they can buy a movie ticket, they can shoot. You have a higher chance to struck by lighting than to get shot. I love guns, they’re my life.

    Great articles and web, thanks for the follow! Email me personally btw,

    Got a question.

  55. Toni Trebizo says:

    Please help spread the word. Government agencies came and took his legally BOUGHT firearms (Have paper work ,reciepts from Turners, most recent one in Nov 2016). The firearms were locked up and stored properly in a safe as per regulations. He was at work when they came and totally blindsided. It is my belief that because he lives in the "Westside " and this would look good for the papers he was unfairly profiled and targeted . He has No criminal history, no gang tattoos and no gang member friends. He went through all the hoops the government requires in order to own a gun. The background check and D.O.J cleared him to own a gun 5 times! He was legally allowed to own the 5 firearms they illegally confiscated because otherwise he would not have been allowed to purchase one. This is a crime for the Government to turn law abiding citizens into criminals to meet their quota for the next bust. San Bernardino Police department and D.O.J seized his property illegally and when he tried to get them back with proper paperwork, they hit him with these baseless accusations slandering his good name turning him into something he is not, a low life gang member and a criminal . Government agencies frabricated and slandered my husband 's good name. I KNOW THE TRUTH, THE SAN BERNARDINO POLICE DEPARTMENT AND THE D.O.J CAN NOT BE TRUSTED. Help us fight for his innocence and his constitutional rights.

    • nicole yadon says:

      OMG! We are in Riverside County and in the same position, but we are now facing 13 FELONY CHARGES!!! How can you be arrested for guns you legally purchased????????

  56. Frankie says:

    Appreciate the hard work that went into the construction of this blog.

  57. JCscuba says:

    Amazing site, amazing article and a great following. Thanks I’m taking it to my site and will link back. J.C.

  58. Trey Murphy says:

    SEMPER FI, Bro! – The Colonel Sends

  59. nicole yadon says:

    My husband and are in the battle of our lives, and are losing. We are desperate for help from someone, anyone who will listen!

    My husband is facing 13 FELONY charges right now for being in possession of firearms that he purchased LEGALLY after fingerprinting AND CA DOJ background on EACH GUN (three purchased over a one year period from the same gun store each time). He had a felony 20 years ago in IL but his was Pardoned by that Governor (2014) then expunged and sealed. He then made a couple LEGAL firearms purchases. AFTER DOJ approved his gun purchases they raided our home, woke our children up at gun point and arrested my husband and myself!!! (They are claiming that his pardon did not give him gun rights back) If they didn’t know at the time of approval, how were we supposed to know??? This is an injustice and so unfair. We have been through 3 different attorneys, spent over $20K already and all we keep getting is “you need to take a plea, we can’t get you out of this.” We rely on DOJ to ensure that guns are sold safely and if they can’t do their job then why do we need them? So come take the guns until we get the paperwork figured out! Instead they are terrorizing us and my husband is facing serious prison time for their mix up. I will lose a partner, financial support and my kids will lose their dad if we can’t get some help. I don’t know who to turn to. The NRA attorneys want more money than I have. I have attempted to reach out to a someone local whom I thought was a collaborative partner in my previous work, but was basically told that if I didn’t let this lie they would pull my charges back up, so I have sat in silence and watched the fear on my husbands face every time we go to court. Any advice or suggestions will be appreciated! I am a wife desperate to save my husband and my family

    Sincerely and with much appreciation,

    Nicole & Josh Yadon

  60. Weston says:

    The 2nd Amendment is something that is very important to the people of the United States. For most people the 2nd Amendment is not about a political statement, its about feeding their families, or keeping their family safe. Some people see it as a polictical statemnet because it is our right and we need to protect it. I personally am on both sides, I use guns to go hunt birds and deer, I feel a lot safer knowing that if someone would break in to my home I have a weapon to protect me at a distance. People are also more scared of a gun than a baseball bat. Also I think if people do not stand up for the 2nd Amendment that we are going to lose crutial parts of it. Like concealed carry, If people do not use it and it does not show how it saves lives I feel like the government will try to take that away as they feel it can be more of a danger than protection. Please keep getting permits and showing the benifits to protect the future of gun rights. This blog is a very good place to help protect it.

  61. Tomasz Chudy says:

    What is the process of making a well regulated militia according to the constitution

  62. JCscuba says:

    And one more from me, great article, Thanks for your service, I was Army. J.C.

  63. Razor says:

    Great blog here! We must keep spreading knowledge about the importance of the liberties we have! If we do not stand for them now, our children will not have them! I hope you check out my blog when you get a chance. I look forward to seeing more from you.


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