Lawmaker Clueless about her Own Legislation; “Deriliction of Duty” to her Constituents; “It’s the THING that Goes UP”!!!

FATWHITEMAN.COM published a new post entitled “More New York Nonsense” on 2/18/2011 10:45:00 AM, written by Fat White Man.

More New York Nonsense

I follow forum on a regular basis as it is really strange to see what gun ownership is like behind the iron curtain.  Those of you that live in free America would be shocked to learn what crap they have to go through just to own a gun, let alone carry one. But anyway, this week their site was a buzz with a series of arrests at Nassau County gun shops that were selling New York compliant assault weapons, which translated to normalcy means that they were free of scary looking features.  Turns out it was an attention getting crusade by a politically ambitious district attorney. The arrests were largely about telling cops, who are allowed to have evil parts, how the non-evil parts can be taken off and/or modified to be evil again.

You know, the typical dog and pony show we are used to from semi-retarded New York officials.

Sailorcurt has a pretty good synopsis :

Gun dealer:  “OK…you passed the background check, have filled out the forms, jumped through all the hoops and paid all of your poll taxes.  Here is your firearm which has been cosmetically altered so as to no longer look scary in the eyes of the law.

Customer:  “Well, what would I have to do to make my firearm look scary again?”

Gun dealer:  “What, are you stupid?  Obviously, you put the cosmetic parts back on that we took off:  flash hider, bayonet lug, adjustable stock, shoulder thing that goes up, etc.”

Customer:  “I’m an undercover Police Officer.  It’s too hard and dangerous to track down actual criminals so you’ll have to do:  you’re under arrest for selling me a perfectly legal gun and telling me how to make it look scary.  Book-em Danno”.

Cut to Press Conference later

Customer – cum – Police Officer: “No need to thank me, putting my life on the line to arrest these dangerous store clerks and business owners is all in a day’s work.  The real story here is that we succeeded in taking this dangerous information off the streets.  Today was the first step in making our state dumber…er…safer.”

Main Stream Media Journalists:  “You’re our HERO!”.

Alternative Media Journalist (blogger wearing jammies and bunny slippers): “But, Officer…isn’t this information freely available on the Internet?”

Customer – cum – Police Officer:  “Inter-what?  What are you talking about?  Fellow Police Officers…arrest that man, he’s a subversive!  Charge him with conspiracy to disseminate information and throw him in jail with those evil, dangerous store clerks and businessmen!”

Main Stream Media Journalists:  “Sigh” [eyelashes flutttering] “You saved us again, brave Policeman.  May we have your babies?”

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