Letter to Megan Kelly at Fox News on Interview with Larry Pratt of GOA (Gun Owners of America)

Hi Megan,
I have been a long-time viewer of your shows.  Although I do very much appreciate you covering this story and issue, I was upset to see how you responded to Larry Pratt of the “Gun Owners of America” (GOA) on your show the other night.  You clearly did NOT give him the appropriate amount of time to lay out his case, historically speaking in regards to the “Central Point” of why the GAO does not support Andrew Traver as ATF chief.

There is very clear evidence that the claims in the “Project Gunwalker” issue are valid.  The proposal of Andrew Traver as ATF Chief is flawed and in-light of the most recent “Project Gunwalker” scandal is even more than questionable and problematic.  Clearly there are some serious questions here that need to be answered as evidenced by Sen. Leahy pulling Traver’s nomination.

I hope that you will continue to report on this issue in follow-up shows, because effective and credible leadership is vital at the ATF moving forward.  We need transparency at & within the ATF as with ALL government agencies which clearly has not been the case in-light of recent events.



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