Poll Reveals Most Voters Oppose Additional Gun Control

Friday, March 04, 2011

According to a recent poll, conducted by Zogby International and The O’Leary Report, and reported on Townhall.com, since the tragedy in Arizona, Americans’ support for their Second Amendment rights show no signs of weakening.

In fact, the poll–conducted just 10 days after the President’s State of the Union speech–shows that, if anything, voters have become more supportive of their Second Amendment rights.

The poll surveyed 10,000 likely voters.  Voters were asked: “Please tell us if gun laws in America are adequate, too harsh, or too lenient for law-abiding citizens.”

An overwhelming 75% of voters think that gun laws are either adequate or too harsh for law-abiding citizens.

In addition, a majority of voters nationwide (61%) also support changing the law in many states to allow people to use firearms inside and outside their homes for self-defense, without requiring that they first attempt to retreat.

The story concludes that while the Brady Campaign and other gun ban groups are anxious for the President to restrict the rights of gun owners, they are peddling overwhelmingly unpopular policies.  As evidenced by this poll, most Americans oppose additional gun control.

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3 Responses to Poll Reveals Most Voters Oppose Additional Gun Control

  1. mikeb302000 says:

    Yeah, that’s a good poll. The key words, “for law-abiding citizens,” made all the difference.

    Keep spinning it, Winston.

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