Tips When Stopped by Police when Carrying Concealed

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3 Responses to Tips When Stopped by Police when Carrying Concealed

  1. Herb Johnston says:

    Excellent video, carrying excellent advice and procedures. My son is a Police Officer, and he would appreciate it very much if every person that has a license to carry, myself included, would handle a traffic stop precisely in the manner that this video shows. Put yourself in the position of the Officer. How would you like to see it done? I don’t think it could be done any better than this video shows. Good work – I thank you and my son thanks you for this great piece of very important procedural information. We both hope this gets spread far and wide to every person with a concealed carry permit.

  2. Stutz says:

    What’s missing from this video is a discussion of whether it’s even a good idea to bother telling the officer if you don’t have to. I carry in a state which has no law requiring you to disclose to an officer that you have a firearm. Ayoob seemed pretty concerned about the “young partner” officer who’s liable to overreact to the news, which makes me think that if I’m just getting pulled over for speeding or something, I might as well not even bring it up (unless the situation were to escalate for some reason). The safest way to deal with a traffic stop is to let the officers go about their business none the wiser, it seems to me.

  3. William Odom says:

    Great video!!!

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