Presidential Series – Part #5: Tim Pawlenty’s Record on Gun Rights and the 2nd Amendment

Pawlenty’s Record on The Right to Keep and Bear Arms:

Dave Kopel has described Pawlenty as “pro-gun.”

Pawlenty on gun control:

“The people of our state respect Second Amendment rights for gun owners… Minnesotans understand that it’s wrong to play politics with our constitutional rights.”

Pawlenty supported carry rights for law-abiding citizens in Minnesota, in a law that Dave Kopel has described as “one of the best concealed-carry laws in the nation.”

Pawlenty also signed into law a “Shooting Range Protection Act” to protect shooting ranges from hostile localities.

Rated A by the NRA in 2006.

Rated A by The NRA Political Victory Fund in 2000.

Rated A by The NRA Political Victory Fund in 1998.

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