Amazing Video that Clearly Shows the Brilliance of Our Founding Fathers when they Laid out the Framework for the United States.

I LOVE IT that States that are restricting Freedoms GUARANTEED by the Constitution….like you guessed it …..the 2nd Amendment are losing population and tax base money to continue to pass their Freedom Restricting Laws.

Once the majority of the people living in these highly regulative states realize that living with massive restrictive laws and regulations has choked the Life from the state they will move.  Why should they stay to pay an unfair and dis-proportionate share of the unbearable burden placed on them by their own government?

When more people have moved than stayed that state will NO LONGER be able to Sustain its own LIFE.  We see it now with states like California, New York and New Jersey with NO MORE MONEY…….they Are BROKE!!!

Serves them Right….because they have NOT served the People!

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