Hypocrisy from Feinstein, Schumer & Whitehouse….”The 3 Stooges”!! Shame on Them!!

Once Again the Government and the Anti-Gun Leftists in Washington that screwed it ALL UP….think they CAN FIX it ALL UP!!!

-NO Calls for information and follow-up on Rep. Issa subpoenas.

-NO mention of the ATF being the major source of guns being sent into Mexico.

-NO accountability by this Administration on the issue and they want to point  the finger at Law Abiding Citizens and the small gun dealers on the border and make them out to be the bad guys!!

I say HELL NO to all (5) of their Proposals….POUND SAND!!!!!

The 3 Stooges are “At it Again”!!!

Anti-gunners counterattack Gunwalker by blaming gun laws, smearing Issa – David Codrea – Examiner.com

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