What Part of “Shall NOT be Infringed” don’t they Understand?? Politicians’ Oath to Uphold the Constitution includes the 2nd Amendment. If you can’t Support then QUIT or RESIGN!!!

Again misguided politicians creating “Gun Free” zones where more senseless violence, murder and carnage  can occur!!!

What do these IDIOT POLITICIANS think??

A criminal who has broken the law in the past and committed violent murder, rape, assault, battery, etc. is going to be OBEY a LAW about WHERE & WHEN to Carry a gun?  Ohhhh yehhhh they are definitely going to be scared now!!!!  ARE YOU KIDDING ME???


If I am a shop or store owner I say go ahead and carry concealed or open for that matter because I sure am going to be carrying concealed.  I KNOW MY STORE or SHOP will be VERY SAFE!!!

Idiot Madison Mayor proposing more 2nd Amendment Restrictions and NOT supporting the Constitution


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