National Right-to-Carry Reciprocity Act is Common Sense Legislation – National Interactive MAP!!


History of handgun carry permit laws, 1986-pre...


National Right-to-Carry Reciprocity Act is common sense legislation

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5 Responses to National Right-to-Carry Reciprocity Act is Common Sense Legislation – National Interactive MAP!!

  1. joesix says:

    The idea that we can be safer by carrying around weapons used to kill people belongs in the 18th century. The year is 2011 and technology is our greatest weapon. There’s a whole group of young people in New York making conservatives nervous not with Glocks and AK-47s, but with a powerful message that’s being relayed all over the world.

    • You Anti’s are a Joke! The fact that the “Occupy Wall Street” (OSW) folks can travel all over the country and exercise their 1st Amendment Rights supersedes other American’s from exercising their 2nd Amendment rights? Are you kidding me??? Which other Constitution rights don’t you like? Maybe if you spent more time reading US History and less time walking around spouting off at the mouth exercising your 1st amendment rights you have less problem with me exercising my 2nd Amendment Rights! Oh, thanks for the calendar update … it’s great to see that you support technology. Now we actually have ipods and ipads too….did you know that?? but your 1st amendment rights aren’t restricted even though they are more powerful than the printing presses the Founding Fathers had when they wrote the 1st Amendment. A constitution right is a right regardless of when it was written.
      The ONLY thing that makes ME NERVOUS and ACTUALLY Scared is the stupidity of people like you….God help this Country!

      • joesix says:

        Which other constitutional rights don’t I like? Well, we can start with the three-fifths compromise and alcohol prohibition. Your idea that the second amendment has to be preserved no matter what just because it’s in the constitution is ridiculous. The constitution has these things called “Amendments,” aptly named because the document can be (and has been) amended. The right to free speech has rarely resulted in anyone’s death, while the right you religiously defend has directly contributed to countless deaths, injuries, and inane arguments.

        • Hey bud, quite wasting my time!!
          Why don’t you take your misinformed self and move to Europe or a Muslim country. Thanks for making my point!!
          Try your free speech argument in another country where there is NO 2nd Amendment!! GO AHEAD and MAKE my DAY!!! Both amendments are mutually supportive. The ability to Spout off at the mouth is not possible if you are DEAD. Thus the 2nd amendment guarantees Individuals the right to LIFE (Not Being Dead), Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness (Not the Guaranty of Happiness as you probably support).

          It is true that an individual who misuses a semiautomatic today can shoot more people than could an individual misusing a musket 200 years ago.

          Yet if greater harm were sufficient cause to invalidate a right, there would be little left to the Bill of Rights.

          Since the Constitution was adopted, virtually all of the harms that flow from constitutional rights have grown more severe. Today, if an irresponsible reporter betrays vital national secrets, the information may be in the enemy’s headquarters in a few minutes, and may be used to kill American soldiers and allies a few minutes later. Likewise, the principle underlying freedom of the press—that an unfettered press is an important check on secretive and abusive governments—remains the same whether a publisher uses a Franklin press to produce a hundred copies of a pamphlet, or laser printers to produce a hundred thousand. Virtually every freedom guaranteed in the Bill of Rights causes some damage to society.
          Again, if greater harm were sufficient cause to invalidate a right, there would be little left to the Bill of Rights.
          Go Buy a gun….maybe you feel better!

  2. Freedom, by the way says:

    I’m of two minds about this piece of legislation. The National Gun Rights association is calling it a Trojan Horse fearing it will open the door to national gun registration. Hmmm. I say, why not let the states form their own reciprocal agreements (many do already). Whenever the federal government gets involved, it makes a mess of things.

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