Liberal Mentality Permeates Our Society: Got News for Ya Folks….A Sign or a Law Ain’t Gonna Stop it From Happening!!

OK, so let’s spend GOOD, hard earned taxpayer money on a freaking Sign that is a JOKE!!  Are you kidding me?

This is the same type of Anti-2nd Amendment mentality that the Anti’s think will work.

Pass stupid, frivolous laws that ONLY law abiding citizens will follow so ONLY the bad guys will have and use guns.

Essentially create “GUN FREE” Zones so we ALL can be Victims.

I feel soooooooooo safe that this sign is posted.  I mean SAFE!!  My kids will sleep soooooooo much better at night knowing that they can go play without being bullied because yes……A SIGN saying “BULLY FREE ZONE” is posted.

GOOD Taxpayer money being used to create a FALSE sense of security just like EVERY ANTI-Gun and 2nd Amendment law that has ever been passed…..A waste of TIME and MONEY……..NO WONDER THIS COUNTRY IS BROKE!!!

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