New Year, New Laws « Taking Aim

New Year, New Laws « Taking Aim.

New Hampshire State Motto…”Live Free or Die“……Man I love these folks!!

Several key folks are taking the stance that there will be blood in the streets and increased gun violence.

From a strictly constitutionalist view the 2nd Amendment is our gun license/permit and concealed carry permit.  Unfortunately we have allowed states and governments to infringe with laws and restrictions.  A state or government that gives can also take away!

Provisions for Felons and Insane individuals or those with mental health issues need to be taken for the common good.

The inalienbale rights of Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness were not granted or bestowed by any government or law, but by our Creator.  As such the protection of one’s life, family or property is not bestowed by any government or politician nor should it be.

As for training, anyone carrying a firearm open or concealed needs to understand that it is a responsibility to take seriously and that proper practice and training are required.  In my opinion taking a CCW or getting a license is not enough to properly train for the use of a firearm in a Deadly Force situation.

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