Pro-Gun Legislation Passes New Mexico Senate Public Affairs Committee!

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Senate Bill 26 to be Considered by the Senate Judiciary Committee – Contact Members to Urge Their Support!

Senate Bill 26, sponsored by state Senator Bill Payne (R-Albuquerque), received a “do pass” recommendation in the Senate Public Affairs Committee yesterday.  This NRA and NMSSA-supported legislation would allow New Mexico residents to purchase long guns in non-contiguous states, and residents of non-contiguous states to purchase long guns in New Mexico.  Voting for the motion were Senators Asbill, Boitano, Curtis, Eichenberg and Nava; only Senator Feldman opposed the motion.

Secretary of the Department of Public Safety Gordon Eden testified for SB 26, and Attorney General Gary King submitted a letter in support of it.  Please be sure to thank those committee members who voted for SB 26.  Their contact information can be found here.

The bill now moves to the Senate Judiciary Committee for its consideration.  Please contact these committee members and urge their support of SB 26.  Contact information for committee members can be found here.

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