Freedom Is Just Another Word...


Is our 2nd Amendment Right and as stated here, did you need a license for that keyboard?

In some folks hands a keyboard, the internet, a cellphone, a microphone, a teewee camera is a lot more dangerous a lot more harmful and causes many more problems for people, innocent folks, not so innocent folks and others then this gun on my hip ever has and I hope ever will.

But for that. I need a permit…yet you lady, although at 22 I am thinking a kid yet, do not need a permit to spout off using your 1st Amendment Rights..

Do you exercise ALL your 1st Amendment Rights also?

Free exercise of Religion?

Freedom of the Press? Looks like you do on that one!!

Right to peaceably assemble? Or are you one of them trashy occupiers?

Do you protect and defend all of them?

And if…

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