NAPOLITANO: The right to shoot tyrants, not deer – Washington Times

Evil rimfire

Evil rimfire (Photo credit: simonov)

NAPOLITANO: The right to shoot tyrants, not deer – Washington Times.

The 2nd Amendment is NOT about Hunting Folks!  It’s about FREEDOM from Tyranny.

I am sick and tired of the talking heads on TV asking?  Why would anyone need an Assault Rifle to HUNT?  Why would you need one?  

Do not be a Victim of this BS argument.  A bolt action rifle or muzzle loader won’t work for protection or self defense when Anarchy hits.  You will need any and all weapons you can get that ARE HIGH CAPACITY.  AR’s, shotguns, etc!!

Because if I am going to protect my life, the lives of family and friends it’s the best choice.  There is a reason why police departments have AR’s.  Very simple: They work and are reliable.

I NEED my AR for protection!  NOT for HUNTING!  Ask the people during the LA Riots in Korea town what they did?  Ask the folks post Katrina what they did and what they used?

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