State of NY is offering $500 to people to snitch on gun owners

NY is now “Officially” a Communist Enclave! Using Communist tactics! Walks like a duck, acts like a duck, looks like a duck….

Fellowship of the Minds

Use of snitches seems instinctive to the Left.

Marxist-Leninist states are famous for turning citizen against citizen by making them inform on each other.

During China’s Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution (1966-69), Chairman Mao urged students and children to inform rat on their teachers and parents. Stay-at-home grandmothers formed a nationwide army of neighborhood watchers.

The former Communist Party regime of East Germany (German Democratic Republic or GDR) had its infamous and formidable Staci or Ministry for State Security. After the fall of the GDR, the Staci files were eventually made available to the public who discovered, to their horror, that Staci informants had included their neighbors, friends, and families.

Here in the United States, in September 2011, Obama launched a short-lived snitch campaign with a new website calling on the American people to report any and all “attacks” against the POS.


Now the New York state government is offering…

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