War Museum Banned From Displaying Unloaded, Historical Guns.

Until Law Abiding Gun Owners stand up and say ENOUGH is ENOUGH the LEFT will continue to do EVERYTHING in their power to Marginalize, Criminalize & Demonize law abiding Gun Owners!
IT’s TIME TO FIGHT BACK! our Founding Fathers would be Shooting Already!


: The city’s most powerful alderman — Edward Burke (14th) — introduced an ordinance at Wednesday’s City Council meeting that would allow Chicago museums to display unloaded firearms for historical purposes. Currently, city museums are prohibited from lawfully displaying firearms of historic value, according to the city’s long-standing gun ordinance. Burke said Wednesday he recently learned of the “anomaly in the city code.” “Museums are caught in a dilemma that if they have in their collections artifacts that can be defined as firearms, even though there’s historical significance to the memento, they can’t be registered in the city and can’t be displayed,” Burke said. MORE

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