2nd Amendment Supporters T-Shirt *~~SALE~~*

Hey there,

As always the 2nd amendment is under attack from all the anti-gun nuts, the uninformed population aided by the Biased “Lame Stream Media”.

And now more than ever we need to stand up for our rights.

To that end I am participating (and I think you should too) in a grass roots campaign to show the world our support for the 2nd amendment.

And the way to do it, is to simply wear this shirt –> http://teespring.com/2ndamendmentsupporters

The GOAL is to get one of these shirts on every 2nd amendment supporter possible.

Not only is it a cool shirt to begin with, but how awesome will it be when hundreds of these shirts start getting worn around towns all over the United States.

What a great way to show support for the 2nd Amendment & look good doing it.

This is a Limited Edition T-shirt available in several colors Black, Grey, Green & Red) and is only available for the next few days so show your support and grab one now:




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2 Responses to 2nd Amendment Supporters T-Shirt *~~SALE~~*

  1. mseeliger@earthlink.net says:


    winston   hey bro, hope all is well with you and connie   we miss u guys here in primrose PT   I just ordered my t- shirt   be well, stay in touch man     Michael seeliger

  2. Hi Michael,
    Great to hear from you & enjoy the shirt! Will look good for neighborhood patrols! 🙂
    Don”t you need some holsters??

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