NRA Launches its Ad Campaign to Counter the “Blooming” Idiot Bloomberg

Well all I can say is it’s ABOUT TIME and long overdue! There are close to over 1/3 of the entire nation owning guns which is close to if not more than 100 million people. The NRA as an organization has been completely and unnecessarily demonized by the left. The NRA only has about 5 million members yet they wield a lot of political muscle & Clout but could be so much more powerful if every gun owner joined!

Below are several of their ads.  I like some and others not so much but one thing is certain these will get people thinking and help to increase awareness that everyday across this country guns are used to save lives.

The Lame Stream Media doesn’t want that template out there or to reinforce it!  They ONLY want guns associated with mas shooting, mass bloodshed and innocents being slaughtered to further their gun-grabbing & Anti 2A agenda.




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One Response to NRA Launches its Ad Campaign to Counter the “Blooming” Idiot Bloomberg

  1. Ray Ficara says:

    WHO i God’s name can’t afford $30 for a year membership? If all the other 105 MILLION gun owners were to join the NRA en masse the antis would soil themselves. It’s ALL about membership. The Congress critters see we went from 4-5.2 million members in 6 months and take notice.

    Ray from Bloombergia

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