CA Gun Sales Surge Ahead of ‘Assault Rifle’ Ban

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Source: CA Gun Sales Surge Ahead of ‘Assault Rifle’ Ban

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  1. Brittius says:

    Thank you. My main blog, is:
    The main blog bearing my name, was suspended for one year, until Wp came looking for money, then they said that it was suspended by “error”. Meanwhile, I had opened
    What I am all about, is simply this: The defense of the TWENTY-SEVEN WORDS of the Second Amendment. I am a staunch advocate of Constitutional Carry & Stand Your Ground, to be unified as one law, and made the Law-of-the-Land. I took and Oath, more than once. I will always advocate that all Americans must, HONOR AMERICA.
    Want to know where we are going? Then look to our past. The Founding Fathers, and Three Percent of the citizens, risked everything. Their lives, their fortunes. Their necks. All to forge our nation, as they were thinking of generations of Americans, yet unborn. We are ever in their debt. God Bless each and every one of them, and every one of you, who stand tall, in defense, and inn support of, our Constitutional Republic.

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