Neil Gorsuch on the issues –

What to know about Gorsuch on religious liberty, abortion, national security, gun control and big business

Source: Neil Gorsuch on the issues –

Really wasn’t expecting CNN the “FakeNews Capital” of the world to be fair discussing Neil Gorsuch’s slim record on the 2nd Amendment.

The HYPOCRISY of the party that has perpetuated & supported Sanctuary cities where American Citizens have been raped, gunned down, stabbed, murdered and raped is saying that he helped Felons get guns is a classic case of Liberal Hypocrisy of of the Pot calling the Kettle Black!

We don’t have a GUN problem in America! We have a Judicial Loophole problem & a Liberalism problem where felons are released on pleaded down sentences by activist judges and allowed to walk amongst us on the streets.

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