These stats are very interesting! Think a lot of folks will be very surprised too! Mexico has me scratching my head though, guessing either the Govt or the cartels own most of them and leaning more towards the Cartels!

Give Me Liberty

H/T Keep And Bear. 

I was surprised to see where my home state of Indiana stood fire power wise.

The folks at are always creating cool graphics, interactive maps, and other neat features over on their website.

They recently developed an interactive map that we think our readers here at Keep and Bear will absolutely love. The map compares the number of privately owned guns in each American state with a foreign nation that has a similar number of firearms.

Interestingly, 3 of the top 5 gun owning states, actually have draconian anti-gun laws. They just also have very large populations.

  • California’s total of 33.08 million guns is closest to China’s 40 million
  • Texas’ total of 22.33 million guns is closest to Germany’s 25 million
  • New York’s total of 17.2 million guns is closest to Pakistan’s 18 million
  • Florida’s total of 16.7 million guns is closest…

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