Dad Isn’t Carrying With a Round Chambered, Gets Self and Son Killed on Video

ALWAYS 1 in the Pipe! Condition 1. Be armed and be ready!

Give Me Liberty

H/T AllOutDoor.

A father and son lost their lives because the father was not ready for a gun fight because he did not have a round chambered.

A gun without a round in the chamber just like an unloaded gun it is just an expensive club. 

Yet another video has surfaced illustrating why it’s critical that you learn to carry with a round chambered.

In it, a father and son are being held up by multiple robbers. The father is carrying, and when one of the robbers isn’t looking he draws, points, then yanks the gun off center-line while trying to rack the slide to chamber a round. The robber shoots him first, and the guy dies on the floor still trying to get a round chambered. Apparently his son was shot, too.

It’s impossible to know which way things could have or should have gone, but it’s a pretty…

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