Letter to FLIX BREWHOUSE, Albuquerque, NM

Letter to Flix BrewHouse:  10-7-17


I am an active 2nd Amendment advocate and have a blog supporting such since 2009.  I live in ABQ, NM and recently frequented your location where I was greeted by your sign banning Concealed Carry weapons.

I will no longer be supporting your business and will be sharing this information with my blog and other bloggers.

You have chosen to restrict law abiding citizens and gun owners who have taken the time, money and training to properly prepare themselves to protect their life and potentially others.

As a former Marine Special Operations veteran I am better trained than most rent-a-cop security personnel you could hire.

You have made your business decision now I’m making mine!

I will be very vocal to get the word out to members at all local shooting clubs and ranges that you do not support local citizens who are authorized to Conceal Carry.

You have voluntarily created a Gun Free Zone and hope that God forbid anything ever happens in one of your facilities that you are sued and it costs you a lot of money!


Winston Dorian


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