Tim Keller Receives Endorsement of National Gun Control Group

pvf_marquee_vote_bDear Albuquerque Gun Owners,
If you needed any more proof that mayoral runoff candidate Tim Keller has embraced a radical anti-gun agenda, this week he received the endorsement of a national gun control organization formerly known as Americans for Responsible Solutions.  Keller’s endorsement came alongside similar announcements of support from the group for mayoral candidates in Boston, the largest city in one of the most anti-gun states in the country, and Seattle, which imposes a local tax on firearms and ammunition sales for so-called violence-prevention programs.  The gun control organization that is supporting Keller lobbied aggressively for passage of legislation to ban the temporary transfer of firearms — even between family, friends, neighbors and co-workers — during the 2017 legislative session in Santa Fe.

NRA’s Political Victory Fund has endorsed Dan Lewis in this critical race.  Dan Lewis has a proven record of support for your Second Amendment rights and of standing up to the efforts of out-of-state gun control groups. Tim Keller has pledged his support for their anti-gun agenda.  Crime is a significant problem in Albuquerque that needs serious solutions – not intrusive, ineffective and unenforceable gun control schemes.

Make sure your family, friends and fellow gun owners who are eligible to vote in Albuquerque support Dan Lewis for Mayor!  Early voting runs through November 10 and Election Day is Tuesday, November 14.  Turnout in this runoff election is expected to be low, so your vote is extremely important in this race. Information on voting locations can be found by clicking here.

Please also vote for Robert Aragon in the City Council District 5 runoff election!

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