Church Shooter Kelley ESCAPED From PSYCHIATRIC Hospital – Not In FBI Database

Once again our all so Inefficient & Bloated Govt Bureaucracy FAILED!!
Background check system FAILED!

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Church shooter Devin Kelley was, in addition to having convictions for domestic battery on his wife and stepchild, at one point an escaped mental patient. The FBI database didn’t…

By Rick Wells

Background checks aren’t of any value if the information on the bad guys isn’t put into the databases. A dangerous individual with no record due to a failure to report looks the same as a safe, law-abiding one. That was apparently the case with Devin Kelley and the Sutherland Springs Church massacre.

We’ve been aware that the Air Force, under criminal-friendly Hussein Obama, failed to report his criminal historyto the FBI for insertion in their databases. Now we learn that he was also an escaped mental patient at one point in time and that that information, which would have made him ineligible to purchase a firearm,  was likewise never turned in.

In 2012 Kelley reportedly escaped

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