Michael Bloomberg reiterates support for stop and frisk at Aspen panel | am New York

Michael Bloomberg reiterates support for stop and frisk at Aspen panel | am New York
— Read on www.amny.com/amp/news/michael-bloomberg-reiterates-support-for-stop-and-frisk-at-aspen-panel-1.9955173

It’s not about the Guns!!

It’s about CONTROL & POWER to Control!!

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2 Responses to Michael Bloomberg reiterates support for stop and frisk at Aspen panel | am New York

  1. Brittius says:

    I have to say, that during my career on NYC streets, Stop & Frisk, was a magnificent crime fighting tool. I worked in one of the worst ghettos in America and possibly planet earth. The people being victimized, unfortunately, do not care for Stop & Frisk, shouting racist, however, most of the crime within the community is in fact black on black, or toss in hispanic on hispanic, or black vs. hispanic. I am white, Sicilian. I was assigned to the command, I did not opt to transfer into it. Most of the time, it’s always the same characters committing crime against people in their community. I have seen the very worst of humanity and I have seen what I will say is the very best of humanity within the community.
    Stop & Frisk, if for argument sake is 80% nonproductive, it remains 20% or 1/5th, powerful in eliminating or preempting the commission of violent crime. The liberal Marxists, got people wound up, because they could no longer linger or travel into, the community to purchase or sell narcotics. Guns were taken off of the streets. The people possessing the guns, lack the intelligence to be armed in the first place. Brazenly, they threaten people. They shoot randomly. They care nothing of their actions. From my time on Patrol, then onward into Plainclothes (Anti-Crime), and later as Detective, Patrol Sergeant, then Squad Whip as Sergeant in a Robbery Squad, the wrong people were always armed. Criminals who flaunt the law. I have witnesses good people die. I have been to really good people’s funerals. Teenagers, adults, young children, elderly. Nice people. The criminals did not care. They behaved like monkeys in a zoo. The white troublemakers, were not any better. I turned into an “equal opportunity hater”, and hated everyone, equally, frequently asking the mutts, “what good deed have you done, today?”. The older people understood me.
    Maintaining crime fighting tools is essential for preventing crime. At times, yes, it is about control. The streets belong to me, and every other cop entrusted with a badge. Sometimes, it calls for being downright mean. It’s how the tools are used. While I am a staunch advocate of Constitutional Carry, I will always support Stop & Frisk. Criminals know they are being watched. The community knows the cops are watching. The community members who are stopped, are usually at drug locations. All of the guns that recovered were stolen, had serial numbers drilled off, or were mystery guns in one way or another. I worked with BATF people, as one of my bigger cases involved stolen gun shipment, and I recovered nine guns, then together we worked the case. I apprehended the person holding thirty stolen guns. It helped BATF. It helped the people in the community.
    I spent more time on the streets than I did with my wife and kids. For a host of reasons, Stop & Frisk, properly utilized, is a fabulous crime fighting tool that should be availed by police. A lot of time and hard work went into securing the streets, so why allow dirtbags to take it back? Because some college pothead wants to pop pills. Then when they are victims of robberies, they are the first ones to bellyache and complain. I retired in 1998. The kids who took over relatively safe streets, are now retiring and a second generation of new cops are on patrol. Help them live. Give them the crime fighting tools they so deserve and desperately need. Without, Constitutional Carry, people should want the police to have every lawful means to protect the communities they live and work in.
    My career closed, with 574 arrests; 48 Citations; 3 Combat Crosses; 3 Medals of Merit; 1 Honorable Citation. I was what I consider myself to be, “a garden variety cop”, as many had so much more achievements made, and let’s not forget those we lost, as I stood the Thin Blue Line at police funerals, that I cannot recall, including one partner who left behind a wife and young children.
    Either I’m insane, or I’m cut from a different bolt of cloth.

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