2nd Largest US Bank Declares War on Gun Owners

This is a despicable effort to use their financial clout to undermine a constitutionally protected right.
— Read on conservativetribune.com/bank-declares-war-gun-owners/

How do you fight back? Cancel credit cards, switch bank accounts, call the company!!! Calling & emailing is best!!

Blow up the phone lines & email in-boxes!!!

We are law abiding customers….Not ILLEGALS OR CRIMINALS!

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1 Response to 2nd Largest US Bank Declares War on Gun Owners

  1. Brittius says:

    I once had someone from BoA call my home and threaten me, that he was coming over because I never paid on a loan. What loan? He said that he would “grab” me when I stepped out of my home. Really? ::BIG SHIT EATING GRIN/HARD-ON::, and I got all of his contact information. Then my attorney got hold of BoA’s legal department. I never did any business with BoA, and we threatened a lawsuit, to which I added that I would call the newspapers and news stations.
    IT WAS THEIR MISTAKE. SOMEBODY ELSE SKIPPED, and the guy was trying to trace and came up with a similar last name, but I don’t have a clue who they are, or if it was a fake loan they got and skipped out. Whatever. BoA sent my attorney a formal letter of apology, including, “the employee in question has sought other interests and is no longer employed by BoA”.

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