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Just for review!! New York Governor Cuomo signed this bill into law! We repeatedly here LIES from LIBERALS that they support the 2nd Amendment and that know one is coming for your guns!! LIES, LIES, LIES!!!!!

Truth be known Liberals support and their GOAL is complete DISARMAMENT of civilian Gun ownership!!!

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2 Responses to Massive noncompliance with SAFE Act | Hudson Valley One

  1. Brittius says:

    Well, here I am, behind enemy lines. The SAFE Act of 2012, eeled up in thirty minutes in the middle of the night like a mafia family dividing loot and territory, is a problem. I do comply with it, only because it is next to impossible for me to purchase out of state lawfully any firearm. If I could, I would, gladly. But as I hunt, I do comply with Game laws of NYS Dept. of Environmental Conservation, and considering such, when waterfowl hunting, I have an unsharpened pencil in the shotgun tube that makes three rounds maximum. Upland hunting, I generally ran with an over-under. Deer hunting, I rarely needed two or more shots. Boar hunting, because they are dangerous, I like ammo in reserve, ready to go, but, Gov. Cuomo, halted all boar hunting in NYS. So that would place me if ever again, hunting on private property in Florida, due to no tag, and no bag limits.
    What is most needed, is Constitutional Carry, and that would cover all firearms, in all travel, throughout America. I hunt. No state or federal agency will ever hire me due to my age, so running around again with badge and gun, will never happen, again. Self defense, that’s an entirely different matter.

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