An Interesting New Speedloader


Welcome To The Resistance!

Yup, I am a revolver addict. I am also a speedloader addict. I typically only carry speed strips but every time I nee a speedloader I haven’t tried yet it will end up in on my order list. Most of the time I just go right on carrying the speed strips and the loaders become dust collectors on my shelf.

The Ripcord is one I have never seen before and I am excited to try it out:

Ripcord Speedloader™

Well since I ordered four of them (two for my five shot revolvers and two for my six shooters) I guess I should say that I am looking forward to trying them out. Here is the (really cheesy) video for them:

I’ll let you know how they work once they arrive and I have a chance to test them out.

Take care and God bless.

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