12 Washington state sheriffs refuse to enforce new gun-control law

Very much the Same case here in New Mexico where the BloomingIdiot Bloomberg essentially BOUGHT OFF all the Democrats in our State House as evidenced by Public Records! The PAC “EveryTown for Gun Safety” is the #1 Contributor to all the Dems in Santa Fe, New Mexico!

28 of the 33 Sheriffs in New Mexico have stated they will not enforce these unconstitutional laws and several counties have already declared that they will be “2nd Amendment Sanctuary Counties” taking a play out of the Liberal Playbook!

Jim Campbell's

Comment by Jim Campbell

February 14th, 2019

The oath of the police is in many localities, “To Protect and Serve.”

It’s certainly not to send them out as cannon fodder to confiscate the weapons from those who will not do so without a fight.

Who wins here?

No one. 

Let’s be clear about the phrase, ” A well armed militia,” with a neighbor on the left and one on the right in possession of guns, we are a well armed militia.

This overreach if not immediately struck down by a lower court of appeals, will be settled ultimately in the United States Supreme Court.

With of course Washington’s taxpayers footing the bill.

Law makers all took an oath when being sworn into office to uphold the Constitution.

Have they forgotten their oaths or are they such zealots they just don’t care.

Note, the senior dowager from CA know nothing more…

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