Gun sales rise amid ‘Defund the Police’ movement and coronavirus. Up 134%: Americans prepare for Democrat caused crime

Jim Campbell's

By Jim Campbell

August 5th, 2020

This is predictable and Reminiscent of the days when Obama was gun salesman of the year.

Merrimack Gun Store Calls Obama Salesman Of The Year - Granite Grok

People living in Blue states, counties, and cities run by idiotic leaders who oppose personal ownership of firearms have brought this situation to a head.

We as law-abiding citizens, that with very few exceptions, those who have been unfortunate enough to be literally trapped in urban ghettos know they can’t depend on the morons they elected for much of anything other than a free “Obama Phone,” and that’s if the promise to vote for Joe Biden at least twice.

Romney Protester Voting for Obama Because "He Gave Us a ...

Think about it, if you are even able to think straight, your socialist mayors have brought this chaos upon you by running the police out of of your areas.

Who you going to call. Obama?

Michelle Obama is a MAN??? - YouTube

Mooch would be a damn good shield for a family of four.

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