Celebrities Rush to Condemn Anti-Asian Violence Now That the Perpetrator is the Proper Color

#LeftistLunatics Destroying everything!!!

Jim Campbell's

By Jim Campbell

March 18th, 2021

Does anyone seriously unemployed members of Hollow Woods little darlings have to say in the first place?

And we know two things from the investigation, the President was completely exhoronated and Reiner’s comments are that of a fool.

They are little more that pimps and ho’s for Washington’s political wannabe elites.

Entertainment celebrities are rushing to blame the shooting deaths of eight people in the Atlanta on anti-Asian racism, despite the police indicating that race wasn’t the motive.

According to a law enforcement spokesperson, the attack on 3 massage parlors killed 8 people, 6 of the dead were Asian.


Celebs like alleged comedian and former Snoop Dogg’s cum receptacle Chelsea Handler, D list actor George Takei, and director Rob Reiner joined the stampede to the tweeter to blame the shootings on racism with no evidence.

And of course, some celebrities even blamed…

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