‘What tears? Man, knock it off’: LeBron James takes joy in Rittenhouse’s pain, mocks breakdown

LeBron James took joy in Kyle Rittenhouse’s likely PTSD-driven tears of anguish by mocking the young man on Twitter.
— Read on www.bizpacreview.com/2021/11/11/what-tears-man-knock-it-off-lebron-james-mocks-rittenhouses-courtroom-breakdown-1161409/

Lebrun James is a CCP China Communist Party Puppet! This Moron is clueless and for him to mock this you g man is DISGUSTING! He was up there to help people & was attacked! He defended himself as he has a God Given right to do! Lebron James represents everything that is wrong with the Left & Leftists!

He deserves no respect or honor!

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