A Trump judge’s bizarre reasoning on a California gun law – Los Angeles Times

A Trump-appointed judge absurdly leans on musket-wielding soldiers to invalidate a California law on gun sales to under-21 buyers.
— Read on www.latimes.com/opinion/letters-to-the-editor/story/2022-05-15/teens-fought-in-1776-assault-rifles

Note the source!

Those who can’t understand our liberties or the underlying principles behind them have no business enjoying the FRUITS of those Liberties!!!

Despite the fact 18 year olds can join the military & die like so many did when Dumbass Biden cut tail & ran out of Afghanistan killing 13 young service members many below the age of 21!

The Leftist Lunacy is blatantly in your face with their Lies, Mis-information, mis-guided emotion & just plain old CRAP!!!

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