WA Concealed Carry Skyrockets by More Than 11K in June! – TheGunMag – The Official Gun Magazine of the Second Amendment FoundationTheGunMag – The Official Gun Magazine of the Second Amendment Foundation

The number of active concealed pistol licenses in Washington State soared by more than 11,200 in June, a possible reaction to a spike in crime
— Read on www.thegunmag.com/wa-concealed-carry-skyrockets-by-more-than-11k-in-june/

With the Radical Leftist Democrats continuing to defund, gut & promote hate & violence most Americans have had it with their crap!

Americans are ARMING UP!

Kyle Rittenhouse was defending himself against VIOLENT FELONS with records!

Most of America saw the violence perpetuated by Leftist Democrats and realized then & there that they better be ready.

Americans want to feel safe when the Police are told to stand down like they were in many Democrat run cities in America that were destroyed & burned to the ground!

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