Libya’s Fight for Freedom and the Importance of the US 2nd Amendment

Clearly what we see happening in Libya and all across the Arab Middle East is a “TRUE” testament to the Brilliance of the United States Founding Documents, The Bill of Rights and most importantly the 2nd Amendment.

Anti-gun politicians like Mayor Bloomberg, Sen’s. Chuck Schumer, Diane Feinstein and Barbara Boxer and MANY more miss guided, ill-informed politicians would have you believe that the 2nd Amendment only guarantees “Militias” the right to keep and bear arms….if that! They believe that only the gov’t should have guns and that the citizenry is too ignorant to be trusted with weapons of ANY Sort.

The question to ask in Libya as in Egypt and other Arab countries is who’s better armed?  The individual citizens or the army? Whose doing most of the killing?  What if the standing national army (Militia) is the organization doing the killing and committing the crimes?  Right now in Libya the arming of “INDIVIDUALS” is critical……these Individuals are armed and forming militias … SOUND FAMILIAR?

Do they still teach kids in school about the “Minutemen”? Wonder how they got their name?

UNBELIEVABLE…..can you BELIEVE that these Americans actually had their OWN guns and could be ready to do battle in a MINUTE? These patriots organized to defend their freedoms from an overreaching and oppressive government…..sound familiar?

History does repeat itself!!

Fortunately our founding fathers were brilliant enough to know that there may come a time once again in US history where the individuals’ Right to Keep & Bear Arms may prove to be useful.

I wonder what George Washington and other founding fathers think as they watch these individuals in the middle east fighting against their “Overbearing and Tyrannical” Governments for freedom.

ANYWHERE in the World where people are fighting for individual freedom the United States has a “Duty” and “Sacred Honor” to support them.

The United States is the ONLY Country in the World to have a “2nd Amendment” and a guaranty for INDIVIDUALS to “Keep and Bear” Arms.

Unfortunately, many misguided governments (Local, State and Federal) along with some very un-informed politicians the 2nd Amendment which clearly states that Individuals have the right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed”……is CONSTANTLY and PERPETUALLY being regulated with law after law after law.

I am afraid that we are NO LONGER the HOME of the FREE……but HOME of the ENSLAVED.

We as Americans are quickly loosing our constitutional rights and as a country are so in DEBT that we are enslaved to the spending of our failed political system that has driven us to Bankruptcy!!

“Don’t Tread on Me”

Libyan Rebels Want Arms

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