Presidential Series – Part #2: Herman Cain….He Gets it Right on the 2nd Amendment!!

Herman Cain gets it right on the 2md Amendment!

He pushes the authority for concealed carry laws down to the states for them to decide….perfect!

Keep the Federal Government out of the states business and let each state decide what laws & regulations are needed for concealed carry.

Herman Cain is an NRA member and spoke at the NRA convention in Pittsburgh, PA (See below video).

Herman Cain speaks at the NRA convention and again he GETS it RIGHT!!!!

This gent gets the 2nd Amendment and he understands what the Founding Fathers had in mind when they wrote the 2nd Amendment.  He understands that you can’t have Liberty or Pursue Happiness if you are dead and that LIFE itself is the key to the 2nd Amendment.

Every American has the Right to protect their life and families lives as well as their property.  Remember: Cops carry guns to protect themselves, not to protect you.

We the People!!!  This GUY GETS IT RIGHT!!!

In my opinion based solely on his position on the 2nd Amendment excluding all/any other reason or qualification he is QUALIFIED to be the President of the United States and hold the Highest Office in the Land.

Herman Cain on “WE the PEOPLE” and LIFE, LIBERTY and Pursuit of HAPPINESS.

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7 Responses to Presidential Series – Part #2: Herman Cain….He Gets it Right on the 2nd Amendment!!

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  3. Ronald Schwartz says:

    Would he support HR822?

  4. Not sure, but I like the fact that he wants the states to have the authority. However, for national concealed carry to pass states have to honor each other licensing requirements. The problem is that each state has it’s OWN requirements. If the Federal gov’t got involved I think their role would be to establish minimum training requirements that all the states would have to honor.

  5. James R. Lara says:

    Herman Cain is on the right track. He is not a PROFESSIONAL POLITICIAN and I like that.
    We need to get the PROFESSIONAL’S out of office and get people in office that have
    THESE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA in their best interest. We don’t need people that only care about being re-lected. People like Jon Kyl and John McCain want to be reelected they don’t stand up for our country. Give the ILLEGAL ALIEN citizenship so they will get a vote that is what McCain care about. Lets have Hermain Cain and another GOOD CONSERVATIVE right in behind him.
    Sarha Palin, Michelle Backman, or another true conservative with Mr. Cain.

  6. CDP says:

    Herman Cain does NOT get it. He says gun control belongs to the states. Question: At the first Constitutional convention the states would not ratify the Constitution WITHOUT the Bill of Rights. Do they reserve the right to ignore any amendment in the Bill of Rights? No. And that was the whole point for the Bill of Rights. A state can take away your rights just as quick as the Fed. Look at New York, New Jersey and all the other socialist states.

  7. Matthew says:

    CDP, you are misinterpreting a pointed response Cain made to an over-broad GOTCHA question from a liberal reporter. The states DO have the right to regulate firearms as suits their need. Like outlawing going armed in a courtroom or on a school campus. But that’s because those are THEIR courtrooms and THEIR schoolhouses, not the federal government’s. He’s not saying the states have the right to violate the constitution, he’s saying the issue of whether or not any regulation is necessary is a matter for the states and none of the federal government’s business.

    And you are mistaken about ratification. It was more than a year after ratification of the US Constitution before the first state voted on whether to ratify a Bill of Rights. And the constitution had been adopted and in force for three and one half years before the ratification process was complete.

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