Presidential Series – Part #1: Who I Support and Why for the Highest Office in the Land


Mitt Romney is clearly a smart, charismatic, good looking politician who has done well as a business man.  I have read his book, “No Apology” and he clearly has a great business plan for the United States.  For me personally the TRUE Litmus Test for ALL Politicians is how they support and defend the Constitution which includes all it’s Amendments….and for me the most important is the 2nd Amendment.

WHY you may ask?  Because I believe that it is the “Guarantor” of all other rights.  An Armed citizenry is a feared citizenry.  Our Founding Fathers fought against an over bearing and tyrannical government.  They wanted to ensure that the American citizenry always had the right to defend and protect their freedoms.

Lets face the facts…..most governments historically have NOT done right by their people as is evidenced by what we currently see in the Middle East.

That being said I believe that Mitt Romney has taken several positions that were politically motivated, expedient and not grounded in a true knowledge or understanding of the simple words…..”Shall NOT be Infringed”.  I will not support him or any other politician that trys to limit, restrict, squelch or impede on my right and ability to own a firearm, gun, assault weapon or any gun as I see fit to own as a law abiding citizen.

Romney retreats on gun control Ex-governor woos Republican votes

Romney Takes positions for and against Gun Control

Romney supported gun control in previous runs

Watch the below video and ask yourself if Mitt Romney supports and defends the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution.

We don’t need wishy washy opportunistic politicians leading this country ANYMORE!!!!  We need principled Leaders because we are nearing or close to the point of NO RETURN as a Country unless we get it right from here on out.

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1 Response to Presidential Series – Part #1: Who I Support and Why for the Highest Office in the Land

  1. FatWhiteMan says:

    Mitt’s definitely a flopper and we don’t need him. I am not a single issue voter, but rather a first issue voter. If you can’t get the 2nd Amendment right, how can you be trusted to safeguard the rest of them?

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