A True American Hero & Amazing Testimony

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An AMAZING Story about a True American Hero

Although this story and Captain Joe Plumbs’, USN time as a POW is not specifically a 2nd Amendment issue, related to our 2nd Amendment rights, shooting or firearms I am linking to it because it speaks to a deeper aspect of what our Founding Fathers spoke of….LIFE, LIBERTY and the PURSUIT of HAPPINESS.

I can’t even imagine what this gent went through nor can imagine any human being treated by another human being as such.  But these sames types of things are being done today in Muslim, Islamic fundamentalist and communist countries.

The words that sang true for me are under the section entitled “The Qualities of Survival”.

Thank you Captain Joe Plumb for your service to Our Country!

Thank you for representing all that is good in America and may God always Bless you…. You are a TRUE American Hero!

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