My Family: Serving this Country for a Long Time!!

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My Great – great aunt was a Mathematician who worked closely with her son Henry Winston Newson on the mathematical aspects of his work in nuclear physics.  Mary’s son Henry Newson worked on the Manhattan Project which developed the atomic bomb and later became Chairman of the Physics Dept. at Duke University

Mary Frances Winston Newson (August 7, 1869 – December 5, 1959)

Her father (my great –great grandfather) was a surgeon for the North during the Civil War.  Dr.Winston was born in Wales and came to this country with his parents as an immigrant.  He was a resident of Illinois at the time of his  enlistment for the North in the Civil War.  The below link is AMAZING as it contains actual muster reports and effects of deceased Union soldiers that he worked on and his Ward Prescription book for patients and supply inventories.

Guide to the Thomas Winston Papers 1854-1927

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