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I’m always amazed when seemingly learned people blame shootings on inanimate objects.  In the wake of the most recent shooting at Virginia Tech, university president Charles Steger says, “In light of of the turmoil and trauma and the tragedy suffered by the campus by guns, I can only say words don’t describe our feelings and they’re elusive at this point in time.”  Did guns really do this?  I’ve noticed a great many of our supposedly learned friends in favor of stricter, tighter gun control don’t really have the full grasp of the true culprit.  I would further venture to say that the majority of our learned friends would be quick to release child molesters, murderers, and rapists because after all they are really products of a painful past.  They didn’t have control over what happened to them and they are simply “acting out” the oppression they have been subjected to their entire life by Republicans and rich Wall Streeters.  In fact, the criminal justice system just aids and abets their criminal behavior and we should just release them all.  Further, these learned friends would probably use the same logic that we should “legalize” drugs and take the criminal element out of the drug trade. After all, people are going to do it anyway.  Maybe if we just just made thievery legal we wouldn’t have to devote so many law enforcement resources to stopping thievery.  After all, people are going to steal anyway.  In fact, we could write a New York Times article titled “Is the War on Thievery Really Working?” as a kickoff to our nationwide protest on “fighting the power.”  Further, I bet those same learned people, in an effort to stop illegal gun trade, would require legitimate gun dealers to sell undocumented firearms to the Mexican drug cartels and felons so they could later prove that illegal arms are being funneled to Mexico and bolster their claims why more gun control is needed.  If they create a blood bath maybe people will listen.  After all, ethics, honesty, and human life are not really that important if the ends justifies the means.  I think the real culprit at Virginia Tech is people that think like Charles Steger and the learned philosophies of people who seem to believe they are much smarter than the rest of us.  Out for now…

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