Brady Campaign Mis-Information Continues

Brady Campaign

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Here are some quotes from their flyer:  You decide for yourself!!  All the quotes are taken from this flyer below.

It is very sad that these folks lost their lives!  The real question in my mind is…….How many could have been saved if these folks had excercised their 2nd Amendment rights and had a gun?

We very rarely ever hear in the press or media examples of when a gun actually saved someone’s life!


Explain to me how an in-animate object can pose a threat to anyone.  Knives aren’t healthy, nor is dirt, poison ivy or sharp glass.  Cars can be unhealthy too.

2.  “Please help us work to keep dangerous weapons out of the hands of dangerous people”.

So exactly what is it that the Brady Campaign has done to keep the bad guys from committing crimes?  Everything  they do is geared towards restricting law abiding citizens rights to possess or carry guns, access to guns, and even certain ammunitions.  Just speak to folks living in states like CaliforniaNY and Illinois and ask how the Brady Campaign has helped their 2nd Amendment rights?

3.  “Support Sensible Gun Laws

So does sensible mean that we will have to jump thru more hoops as law abiding citizens?  Does sensible apply to our judicial system too?  Will violent offenders be sensibly let out of jail after minimal sentences and let back on the streets to commit sensible crimes of rape, murder and torture?

4.  “A man with a history of violence suddenly, walked straight up to us, pulled a 9mm hand gun…. and  shot all three of us multiple times”.

The man had a history of violence…why wasn’t he incarcerated?  In this situation the family knew he was dangerous but did not protect themselves.  I’m sooooo sorry!


Let me change that too:  “It’s too HARD for Law Abiding Citizens” to Obtain Weapons to protect Themselves from  “DANGEROUS PEOPLE”…. that our Judicial system doesn’t prosecute and won’t lock up!!

6.  “All Americans have the right to be safe from gun violence in their homes, neighborhoods, schools,and places of work and worship.”

Absolutely!!!  I agree and we can achieve this by passing good concealed carry laws and a national reciprocity law to allow law abiding citizens to carry their weapons concealed wherever they go.  Also we should do away with any and all GUN FREE ZONES that create a target rich environment for Lunatics to Kill people!!

I am so sorry for the families who lost loved ones….but passing more ill-conceived gun control laws is NOT the answer.

BAD & CRAZY people will continue to do BAD and CRAZY things regardless …. and Good people will die as a result!!

Be prepared:  “Personal Protection is a Personal Responsibility”.

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9 Responses to Brady Campaign Mis-Information Continues

  1. mikeb302000 says:

    You’re so biased you see no truth in any of that and believe the real message is a total ban on civilian ownership.

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