A heart to heart with law enforcement personnel of Connecticut .. By Robert Hase

This is AWESOME and we are getting VERY close my fellow Gun Owners to the “Time & Place” when our Gov’t will REALIZE that THEY are the outnumbered ones!
Stand Your Ground!

Cummings America

I’ll second this.


“My fellow Americans and citizens of the great state of Connecticut,

I want to have a heart to heart with the law enforcement personnel of Connecticut.

I believe most of you, are of good nature, and have pure hearts. I know most of you, are just like myself. Married, with a family, and working hard to provide for them. In the best way possible. On the grind, from day to day. I know most of you will refuse unconstitutional orders. You are not who I am addressing.

I am addressing those on the fence. Who have failed to choose a side.

Your job is tough. Tougher than what most people can fathom. You deal with the worst, on a regular basis. I can relate. During a time in my life, I had a job as well dealing with the worst of the worst, on a regular…

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