Gun Rights Forever

This is AWESOME and soooo TRUE!!
We need all able bodied gun owners to reinforce this simple Truth!


Who agrees with this???
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1 Response to Gun Rights Forever

  1. Mittie says:

    Strict government regulation on firearms will create ignorance on gun safety, will not cause a significant decrease in gun homicides, and will harm the economy. Firsthand knowledge is important in understanding firearms and the training available to operate a firearm, so strict legislation isn’t implemented because of ignorance on gun safety. In today’s society, there are thought to be two gun cultures: urban and rural with urban residents typically being for gun control and rural residents being for gun rights. Looking at countries that encourage firearm training and safety from childhood, Switzerland requires all male citizens to be annually trained by the military to operate a firearm and each household owns a gun. Switzerland cultivates an environment of responsibility and safety with firearms, which leads to a low crime rate despite having guns in every home. Australia instituted a gun buyback program, but even after the gun ban and buyback program there have been two shooting incidents in Australia and the program has not seem any tangible decreases in firearm deaths. The economy of the United States would not benefit from a firearm ban. Information from shows that outdoor retailer Cabela’s had $1.3 billion in sales in 2012, with one-third of those sales coming from firearms, ammunition, and firearm accessories. Strict gun legislation is not beneficial to the United States. Banning weapons will not allow for proper firearm training or resources even if a person does not wish to own a firearm, the introduction of a nationwide buyback program similar to Australia’s will not lower crime rates significantly or reduce homicides, and the economy of the U.S. would suffer greatly with strict legislation either nationwide or at the state level. Becoming personally educated on the gun control debate allows citizens to make informed decisions, instead of relying on what politicians or mass media would lead people to believe.

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