Cop Doesn’t Shoot Violent Attacker With 51 Previous Arrests

“A 28-year old East Hartford man with 51 previous arrests and more than a dozen convictions [and wanted for a homicide in 2006] was charged Thursday night with assaulting two police officers following a car accident,” reports. Specifically, 28-year-old Joshua Suarez’s charges include assault on a police officer, possession of narcotics, engaging police in pursuit, driving under license…

Wonder if we will be hearing about this on the news 24-7???

The THUG culture promoted in RAP music and such promotes & Glorifies these types to live this lifestyle! Attacking a law enforcement officer and disregarding their commands in my opinion is a disaster in the Making!

You will NEVER HEAR nor SEE the Al Sharpton’s, Jesse Jackson’s or the Obama’s of the World ever condone that Lifestyle!!

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