Detroit PD hold gun safety seminar for students

This is GREAT! Instead of suspending kids in school for making finger guns they should be educating kids on gun safety! Hopefully this will be a trend that we see in more cities across the country.,

High Heels and Handguns

Detroit Police Department held a seminar at Regent Scholars Academy on Wednesday, March 4 to teach kindergarten through 8th grade students about gun safety.

During this presentation, students were given tips on gun safety and taught about gang violence.

Detroit Police Investigator Brian Fountain interviewed with WXYZ Detroit and advises parents to introduce their children to guns as early as possible. Don’t let your children be curious and take matters into their own hands, but instead teach them about gun safety and not to touch.

The department has gun locks available for free at the Regent Scholar Academy, the Detroit police headquarters, and the precinct that are available to the public. Parents are encouraged to take advantage of these gun locks and keep their guns properly locked and stored at all times.

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