Police rep says proposed 5.56mm ammo ban unnecessary

Interesting that the Obama Admin would use this as a reason to propose banning this ammunition. Already many un-informed people taking the “Reasonable man” approach are saying Oh, YEH we cant have our LEO’s in danger without even thinking it through. There are NO Statistics to back up this claim for this type of ammo ban proposal which leads to the next question of …….WHY???

Starvin Larry

A Fraternal Order of Police official said 5.56mm armor-piercing ammo is not typically used against officers

WASHINGTON, March 4 (UPI) — The leader of a national police organization this week said a proposal to ban armor-piercing 5.56mm pistol rounds would be less effective than the government thinks.Last week, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives said it plans to outlaw steel-tipped 5.56mm ammunition because it now qualifies as an armor-piercing round. Sale of the ammo has been legal since 1986 because it’s a round that could not, until recently, be fired from a handgun — the stipulation necessary for prohibition of any bullet. Traditionally, the 5.56mm bullets have been fired only in AR-15 rifles.

In a 17-page report, the bureau cited new handguns that are able to fire the round, increasing the likelihood, the ATF believes, that the bullets will be used against law enforcement officers.


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